Problem with proof of play


My system Xibo on Docker Version 2.1.0-rc1.

Client: Windows 7 with xibo-client-v2-R200-win32-x86
Android 4.4 and 7.0 with Xibo_for_Android_v2_R202.apk

Have a problem with proof of play:

Layouts and media 256, 284, 298, 300, 304 should not be shown. They do not have the option “Enable Stats Collection?” In their settings. But they are still displayed in the database. Only layout 294 should be displayed.
There is also a strangeness with Layout 284 (9x16 - Matrix / Exclusive Visual Solutions 9x16) for 4 seconds. This problem arises not only on this layout. This layout is for embedded media only!
The problem appears regardless of the client

Sorry my english is bad :slight_smile: