Problem with Embedded rendering

I’m with CMS 1.8.13
Windows Server
PHP 5.6 FastCGI

I made several attempts, but could not solve. This has not been the case since version 1.8.10

Does anyone have the same problem?
Problem only Chrome Browser…

@dan, please, could you help me?

Thank you for your message. Can you provide more information about the issue you are having? For example what are you embedding? what does it look like and what are the differences in the results with a pre 1.8.10 CMS and your 1.8.13 CMS.

Many Thanks.

Basically Chrome is the problem.

All content that is embedded, downloading files, since the last update of chrome it presents error if put JS content without specifying the mimetype.

When the system does a get in / library / download / xxxxx? Preview = 1 does not have in extension the .js this causes it to not be rendered and processed as plain html.

Several people have the same problem.

My apologies but your reply is still a little unclear.

Can you reply and let me know what it is that you are trying to do as opposed to the result, then I can start at the beginning and look into this issue for you? Perhaps an example of what you are doing would help me to understand the issue.

Many Thanks.


Any embedded and preview of the problem in Chrome in the designer layout.

Please use the code below:

<iframe allowTransparency = "true" frameborder = "0" src = "" style = "height: 0300px; width: 0170px; border: 0; "> </ iframe>

It renders in IE and Firefox, but does not render in chrome because of the error I wrote in the above.

I’m using CMS 1.8.13 as well and have created a Layout with an Embedded Widget. I have used the iframe you provided:

This is what the Layout looks like in the Designer on Chrome:

And this is what I see when I preview the Layout using Chrome:

But you are saying that your Chrome browser does not do this? Is that correct?

Many Thanks.

Exactly DAN.

Is your Chrome up to date?

More details about the problem:

Thank you for confirming that this is indeed the issue you are having.

This is the version of Chrome I am using:

Have you tried updating your version of Chrome and clearing the cache?

Many Thanks.

further to my previous message, can you reply to this message to confirm if the issue is mow resolved by updating Chrome?

Many Thanks.

My Chrome Version image

CMS 1.8.13

This works for me too…

The message in console doesn’t make any sense - the link it is complaining about isn’t a script, its a HTML page and therefore text/html is the correct MIME type for it.

Is it possible that you could export one of those Layouts for me so I can test it on my own CMS? This would help to narrow down where the root of the issue is.

Can you also confirm if you have been using the latest version of Chrome this whole time or if you updated chrome recently?

Many Thanks.


I started having trouble with this in December when Chrome released this update.

Here’s an example layout, but depending on the links I’ve sent from stackoverflow it’s a problem that many systems need to fit.