Problem upgrading 1.7.9 to 1.8.11

Hello Everyone,

I have the version 1.7.9 installed on my webserver hosted in CPANEL, im triyng to upgrade to the version 1.8.11 non docker as i always do with the older versions,making a bkp of the cms folder, extracting the cms and replacing the settings.php, but when i open the url on browser i see folders instead the page, but if i point to the url/web works, but as a new installation, how can i solve this.

Anyone can help me please?

Could you guys help me please.
Thiago Berton

Please see and as it’s most likely configuration error / DocumentRoot and URL rewriting needs to be set correctly.

It could also be a problem with PHP configuration, but for that you may need to contact your hosting provider, as I don’t think you have direct access to such settings?

Hi Peter.

thanks for your help i already check the PHP configuration and not see anything wrong. the main question is what i need to do to upgrade as i do before in the older versions, i never has to nothing just put the files and access over http, now wen i access i see the folders instead the upgrade page, but if i point to the htttp://myserver/web i can see the page but as a new installation and not as an upgrade.
I can create one redirect in my domain that is not a problem but i need to upgrade first.

If you are trying to upgrade your CMS from 1.7.9 to 1.8.11, I would recommend first upgrading to 1.8.9, then followed by 1.8.11. Alternatively, you could upgrade first to 1.7.10, then 1.8.11.

If this does not help resolve the upgrade issue you are experiencing, please let me know.

Many Thanks.