Problem ugrading 1.8.2 to 1.8.3

Without Docker…I’ve this issue in last upgrading step. My library permissions are ok…thank you!

My fully qualified path to cms media library: /var/www/Xibo/media2/
I’ve no problems before upgrade.


The error suggests that the filesystem permissions are somehow wrong. You really do need to check them.

The user your webserver runs as needs write access to the whole library directory and all its subfolders.

The user have write access to media folder…I upload media file without problems.

The error message says that isn’t the case. There will be either a folder or a file that has the wrong permissions.

Please reassert the correct permissions, and try again.

Ok but do you mean only the media folder or even the entire site? Because I don’t’ modify permission in the media folder…

The library folder, and all its files and subfolders. You might not have personally made a change there, but a change has clearly been made.

Perhaps you have XTR running as a different user as your webserver. That can cause these kinds of issues.

Yes, I’ve XTR running…I try to reasset permission…

XTR must run as the same user as the webserver is running as. If it’s a different user, it will cause problems.

I resolve the issue with permissione reassrt thank you Alex!


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