Problem to sign up a new display

After installing Xibo player, I can’t connect to my CMS.
I get the status:
De onderliggende verbinding is gesloten. Bij ontvangst is een fout opgetreden.
(The underlying connection is closed. An eror occurred by receipt.)

What is the problem and what do I have to do, to connect this display to my CMS?


What CMS and player version are you using?

I assume that’s on-premise installation?
Is your CMS available in the browser from the same PC with Xibo player installed?

I’ am using Player version 1.7.9
CMS is installed on:

I also use some displays with android, here I don’t have a problem.
I think it is a windows problem?

That’s rather odd, can you access the CMS in the browsers on the PC with Xibo for Windows installed?

Yes, on this pc I can browse to and have access.

I still cannot install a new display. After entering the CMS Address, Key and Local Library Location, I get the message:
“The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive.”