Problem Schedule Now

For a few hours when I attempt to map a layout, the following error occurs: how can I prevent this error from occurring?
Xibo version: 1.8.2

I don’t see an error. can you point it out for me?

Thank you for the reply.
The problem occurs when you select the destination “layout” and “player”, click on “save” but XIBO from an error (the one shown in blue in the attached screenshot)
The error does not send the Layout to the target player.
As soon as the error occurred, I sent the layout to the player without pointing to the time or minutes.

if you don’t tell it hours or mins to display this message it will give you that error because it has no time frame.
what your telling the CMS is display this message for no time.
that function is apparently for quick scheduling for a set instance. 1 time use

I do not want to enter the hours and minutes, how can I prevent the error message from coming out? Until a few days ago the error did not come out, what could happen?

Did you try to activate the “Always” option ?

That’s not an error message, it just tell you ‘from’ and ‘to’ date/time in which your event will be displayed.

As already mentioned in this topic if you left it empty, it does not make much sense.
Unless you want that to be displayed ‘always’ then as caminin said, tick that checkbox

As for why this text appeared at all, you must have entered something in the hours and/or minutes fields and then remove that.