Problem of use of the media library

Hello, I’m starting on Xibo.

I’m testing a local CMS for an upcoming deployment
When I’m in design mode in a layout and want to add an existing media, I click on View Media Library

I chose my document, I click on the small cross on the right, and nothing happens.

must have a problem of right or configuration, but I can not find, knowing that I am in superadmin mode.
If someone had a track?
I’m desperate.

Once you have highlighted the item in your library, click on the region in your layout where you want it to be displayed.

It’s not very intuitive

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You need to click + first, then click on the block you want to place.

It works!
I was able to look for a long time. Thank you all for your help.

Really sad that I had to search here on how to do this…

It was very easy to add/replace images, videos and other elements in the old editor.

This new design is very poor UI…

Thank you for your feedback, we are currently working on improving adding media from the Library so you wont need to click on an icon or re click into a Region (once selected). We are also looking to include a mutli-select feature so multiple files can be selected and submitted as well as other improvements to the Layout Designer :slight_smile: