Problem, layout with video + scrolling ticker


I have created a layout with a loop of almost 60 videos, and a scrolling ticker in the bottom, marquee left.

I use Android DSCS9 to show it.

Sometimes, every few hours, the ticker doesn’t work.
I haven’t found the cause and I can’t say “how much often”.

The area with the videos lasts 1h15m, the ticker is without duration.

I tried to add a one-second dot (".") in the playlist with the ticker: when the ticker doesn’t work, the dot appears for one second every 10 seconds or so.

I fear it could be caused by low resources of the DSCS9, but I don’t have much info to confirm that. But in the last few days, after I upgraded the CMS to 1.8.11, the player crashed a few times but is still running under the error:


I would recommend turning on Auditing for that Display. You can do this by selecting the Display option in your CMS, click on the down facing triangle at the end of the Display and choose Edit from the menu.

You will see on the Advanced tab that there is an Audit Until option, set this to a period of time that will allow you to capture the Error.

Please note that the Audit logs can grow in size rapidly, I would not recommend setting this to too far into the future. If your Layout is approximately 1 hour 15, perhaps 1 hour 30 would be sufficient. If the error does not occur during this Audit period, you can set a new period.

Once you have captured the error, make a note of the time and search the Logs on your CMS for more information. If you find any errors, please let me know.

Many Thanks.


I found that I still have Xibo for Android 1.8 R106, I must upgrade it.
I have an error upgrading, but I’ll open another thread for this.


Thank you for letting me know that you intend to upgrade your Android Player. I will wait to hear if this resolves the issue.

Many Thanks.


I think I found the ticker problem.
After upgrading to 1.8 R108, the ticker was constantly not working.
Looking at debug logs, I found an error “Creating ticker out of possible [”\Xibo\Widget\Ticker"]"

I looked back the layout, and I saw the ticker had an height of 62.4.
After I did reset it to 62, thus removing the decimal, and restarted the player, it worked.

Anyway, I still have “Creating ticker out of possible [”\Xibo\Widget\Ticker"]" in debug logs.