Problem Layer order (z-index) [1.7.2]

So when i create several region with text or image for example

if i want add a new region in rear of others i use layer order (z-index)

if you put -1 in z-index region disappear

i put 2 in all regions and 1 on last new region then parameter are not apply correctly

this is a very simple example if you try to put region between other it’s impossible

Which Player is this with please?

Overlapping regions aren’t supported on Windows at all.

hi Alex

with android player but i talk about designer

I think you are probably a bit ahead of the ball on this one - zindex was added as a quick solution for very simple examples - like “I want to move this behind this”.

Layers should only ever be positive numbers and should directly influence the zIndex on the regions.

I have the same problem. I gave an image a negative z-index and now it’s gone.
I see it when I preview my layout but I cannot edit it anymore, any suggestions??

And is this not at all supported in the Windows player? Because how do I put two regions in front of each other in my windows player? In my browser it works.

Overlapping regions are not at all supported on Windows. Realistically I don’t see that you’ll be able to fix your layout now without directly editing the database. It would be best to delete the layout and start over.

You can’t unfortunately… we are working on player enhancements that will make this possible.

Thanks, do we get noticed once this works on Windows? Because the layouts that I should create need this feature.
Also I would love to get noticed by email for all new upcoming releases.

Best thing would be to sign up for an email digest or notifications for the Blog category on here. You’ll then get a notification when there’s any new announcements

on CMS 1.7.2. I setup z-index for region
ex: regionA (z-index=1), regionB (z-index=2), regionC (z-index=3)
then save it.

After I come again. All z-index that I config was loss.

Just to leave here my experiences…

My Z-index saves the configs just sometimes. Often, when I go back to the options, the values are gone.

Beside that, the z-index doesn’t work in windows, neither the Android. BUT, the regions keep the order they are created. The newest region, will be on top of others.

@kunawut and @ilges,

You are probably running into this documented problem. Not sure if it is exactly the same or not, as I am using 1.7.3. But if you upgrade at least limited functionality of Z-Indexes should work.


The Z-index is working to background?
I created a region only, full screen, z-index = 1.

I put as background an image that is a horizontal bar at the bottom of the layout, with z-index 2.

I think what should happen is that the video running in the region with index 1, have the image of the background to this with index 2 in front of the video.

I do not know if it’s bug or if I’m doing wrong, they could help me?

You can’t overlay things on a video. Videos are rendered using hardware acceleration which means that the graphics card renders the video directly on to the screen, so it will sit on top of anything else

Perfect Alex.

I wonder if there is some other solution, as would be practical in the way mentioned.

Basically, you set up a layout that has pictures and videos in 16: 9.
But I want to insert a bottom bar with weather, time, and financial information.

If you reduce the size of the content area, I will have problems in the proportion of videos and images.

Any option?

You could pre-crop the bottom off the video and images

Ok Alex.

So what’s the purpose of Z-Index in the background?
It will always be with the regions in front of the background, so do not understand the concept of having z-index in the background.

Z-index is there to control the order text, images etc are ordered on playback. In most cases you don’t need to use it

Alex, first appreciate your time and wish to direct. Unfortunately I do not know if I understand correctly.

The Z-Index for the background work for all kinds of content, just do not work for video?