Problem in connecting WebOs client to SSL enabled server

I am using xibo 1.8.3 CMS version with SSL enabled and WebOs client.
Whenever I try to connect to CMS it gives the error “Couldn’t connect to CMS”.

But if I try to connect to local its getting connected. Can someone please help me with this issue?

For my android client I have installed SSL certificates and it is working fine. How to do the same for webos?


We are not aware of any general issues with webOS player and SSL enabled server - for example it works very well against CMS Instances in our Cloud Hosting.

Could you tell me if your SSL enabled server is publicly available and if so could you share the name of it with me over private message (or here, but perhaps it would be better of private message).

After that, I’d also like to know if it is self-signed certificate or "trusted’/‘proper’ certificate, if it is the latter are the intermediate certificates installed correctly as well?

We would also need to know which SSL protocols have you got enabled?

Hi Peter,

I have sent you all the details over private message. Please check.