Problem editing, creating or deleting "Checkout" template

Hello good afternoon;
I’m venturing into Xibo, but the experience so far is being frustrating, but I’m not giving up.
I am studying with an online server, with version 2.2.2, to solve some errors, but now I come across one that I have not found solution, all the templates I try to create or even the one that comes in the installation asks to do the “Checkout” and goes processing and does not go forward, already tested in all browsers and the same thing happens.

Welcome to the community.

Our latest released version is 2.2.1 so could you please confirm which version you are currently using as this latest release does not require you to ‘Checkout’ a Layout when adding.

When you do ‘Checkout’ what is being shown? Have you any screenshots you could share?

Thank you

Thank you Natasha, I will check the version.

Hi Natasha, I once again fix the “Checkout” issue by doing a version donwgrade, but now I come across another issue, all I ask to save or delete it gets the gear spinning and nothing happens.
What can it be???!

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