Problem Duration 0 on Android Client for HLS Module Stream

In tests in the HLS module, I identified a problem.
When placing the link of the stream below, in the designer layout with duration 0 the stream is reproduced indefinitely, expected and perfect behavior.

In the player r102, it is only 10 seconds, different from what is happening in the layout designer. The last way to be able to leave the stream steadily was putting duration with huge numbers (99999).

Typically in this type of layout scheduled playback with start date and priority date with priority, leaving the streal hls widget with duration 0. This was the behavior in CMS 1.7.9. I hope the data was sufficient to identify the problem.

I don’t think you should be able to set the duration of hls widget to 0 - what CMS version are you using please?

HLS has to end detection, it would most likely break with duration set to 0, that’s why I don’t think it’s possible to do that, at least not in web ui.

Now, in 1.7 series, there was no hls module, but there was localVideo module (exists in 1.8 as well), I recall that you were indeed able to set the localVideo module duration to 0, which makes sense if there were actual local video displayed by the module, in 1.8 we do validate that duration field and currently it can’t be set to 0 - we will however look into it in the future.

Hi Peter,

I used localvideo to play stream.
I set the duration to 0 of the item in the timeline, just this item in the layout.
Then I would schedule with priority for the time I want.

This worked fine on 1.7. Now at 1.8 using the HLS module does not have the same behavior, I’m putting the duration as 99999 to keep the operation in the same way.