Problem deleting files

Problem deleting files

In the previous version of CMS, when I delete a media that was already associated with a layout, there was an error in layous that found no more this media. I had a lot of work to correct accessing the database.

After that I found out that before you delete a media, have to remove all layouts.

What occurred to me is, why not make this automatic action, because if we want to delete a media course we want to remove it from all layouts. then it makes sense to have to do two procedures.

This issue has been solved? or need to remove the media from all layouts before deleting?

A great weekend.

If you try to delete media files that’s assigned to some layouts it will ask you what do you want to do with it - retire/unassign from layouts etc.

If you retire it, media file will still work fine on layout it’s assigned to, but you will not be able to assign it to new layout.

Once retired, you’d need to delete it again to completely remove it from your CMS library.

The above is correct for 1.7.8 (1.7 series in general)

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