Problem copying layout

Problem copying layout.

When copying a layout if you have any media doubled in the timeline, distributed in separate locations within other media, they will lose the configuration.

When this does not occur automatically after dublicar the layout occurs after fazr any change in Medias and save.

Try to replicate this.

What version are you running please?

Is 1.7.7 Make a test.

Create a “Layout1” > Add on Timeline the movies on this order.
Save and exit.

Make a copy of that layout named “Layout1 2”: > Open the playlist > make sure you are on “List Mode” > save ordenation > Exit.

Now check again on Playlist of “Layout1 2”, the order of videos are changed and you cant organize, the only way is removing the “video1” and re-add them.

Sorry my english.

I have a problem too. I use version 1.7.9.

Has the problem been solved in version 1.8?

I don’t think it was a problem in 1.7.9, in any case it’s definitely not an issue in 1.8.1.

Layout timeline will fine and there will be no duplicates (on timeline or library), unless you check ‘Make new copies of all media on this layout?’ which is self-explanatory.