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I work at a Casino which is using the once wide spread Paltronics clients and back-end whom is now owned by Aristocrat. These clients get data sent to them via uart I believe to alter the display showing a winning amount ( local trigger of sorts ).

From what I understand they would want a trigger to display a instance of a winner possibly to a display group.

I would love to have the ability to monitor for a trigger via the CMS, capture the data strings, process these strings into the desired layout and force this layout for a short time frame.

The type of integration you describe is something we have been calling “Event Driven Signage”, essentially allowing a third party system to take immediate action on one or more players. There are really two key elements that need to be addressed for this to work:

  • Push technology allowing the CMS to update the players, rather than the existing Pull technology where the players ask the CMS for updates on an interval.
  • Improved API to provide an easier way to integrate.

We’ve addressed item 1 with an application we are calling XMR (Xibo Message Relay), this is a bridging application that runs on the CMS which pushes messages immediately to connected players without them having to “check in” for updates. We’ve addressed item 2 with a rewritten restful API which is fully documented.

All of this work is being included in 1.8 series and will be released in 1.8.0-alpha2 by the end of November.

Once these two items are in place it will be possible to write an application which sits between the CMS and the UART input that would trigger layout modifications, schedule changes and Player updates. You could develop that application yourself or using a third party developer (such as the project sponsor).

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Thank you for you’re time on this subject. I will await this development
to come to be. Would help me “tons” when looking at large developments.

As far as developing the application this depends on the other software
vendors… but I would most likely out source this work since my time to
dedicate is limited.

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Is there any sort of documentation available for XMR that a developer can use? I down;loaded the latest 1.8 development build but find nothing that I can really use to create an application.

The documentation for the CMS API is here:

You’d need to write an application to generate or modify layouts and the schedule, and then XMR if all setup and configured correctly will take care of notifying the Players for you

What my client wants to do is use XIBO with a normal schedule of items, and
when they want to send out a special message, such as “drawing in 10
minutes” they can do that from a workstation…from what i have read
this(xmr) will do it.

Working now on setting up a CMS to get better idea on how it will work.
Have worked with XIBO in the way past.

What i am reading is that communication will be to CMS and then to clients
vice talking to the clients direct?

So exactly as I said before, you add your new layout to the CMS and then via the API you schedule that. Then XMR which sits between the CMS and the Players will cause those to update immediately with that new schedule information. There are even API methods for ‘show this layout once and then go back to schedule’.

Your application doesn’t need to know anything about XMR - only the CMS API