Preview layout don't working

CMS Version 3.0.0


I have a problem with the preview. He doesn’t show anything despite i enabled preview on all the modules. He ask me to replay the preview directly when i launch it but don’t show anything.

i don’t know if this can help you but when i open the development tool of chrome browser and open the console i saw this when i launch the preview :

html-preview.js?v=3.0.0&rev=unavailable:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘options’ of undefined
at Region.o.transitionNodes (VM1613 html-preview.js:1)
at Region.o.nextMedia (VM1613 html-preview.js:1)
at (VM1613 html-preview.js:1)
at (VM1613 html-preview.js:1)
at f.emit (VM1612 html5Preloader.js:1)
at f.loadCallback (VM1612 html5Preloader.js:1)
at VM1612 html5Preloader.js:1
at Image.s (VM1612 html5Preloader.js:1)

Hello, we already have an issue logged for that which will be fixed in the next release:

Thank you for posting!

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