Prepare Layout Failed [Solved]

Randomly (without any changes that we are aware of), three of our displays stopped playing their layouts (Just show the Xibo splash screen and flashes when it tries to load the layout). Here’s a screenshot of the log. I can schedule a different layout and it works. We are going to try to recreate the layout to see if that will work, but would like to find an answer in the case we see this again. I’m unsure which argument value is out of range. Any direction on where to look would be great

I can’t offer anything on the issue you have, however your log shows that you’re missing some files from the CMS library - specifically the flipclock js file.

Please can you run the Verify All routine on the Modules page of the CMS to resolve that. After its run you should see that file appear in the CMS library and in the client library too.

Who knows that may be related to the issue you’re seeing!

Okay… I hate it when this happens, but I’m not afraid to admin when I’ve been ‘bested’ by one of the basics of anything, in this case layout building! I’m unsure really what happened, but I’ve spent hours today swapping around layouts between displays to figure out where the solution to this problem might be. It turns out that we had a region (along the bottom of the display for a RSS feed/text/clock, that didn’t have any content! I’m unsure who removed it or what happened, but as soon as I added some content, it started to work! Bottom line -> Make sure you have content on every region in your layout!

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To save you a headache in the future, that would have been picked up by the status tick/cross