PowerPoint don't work

i think i have activate all it’s needed for can show Powerpoint files, but that’s don’ work.
Perhaps because i have the latest beta…
If you have an idea…
Thank you very much.

What version do you have exactly please?

PowerPoint is supported only on Windows player, assuming full MS PowerPoint is installed on the machine with Xibo player. PowerPoint also needs to be enabled in the widows display profile assigned to your display (in CMS). - PowerPoint | Xibo Digital Signage

i use 1.8.9.
I will test again to follow all the manual.

1.8.9 CMS and 1.8.8 Windows Player are currently the latest releases, they have nothing to do with “beta”.

Regarding PowerPoint itself my previous message explains what needs to be done.

Alternatively, as per manual, you can save your presentation as videos and then use Video widget in Xibo to show them.