Power BI embedding (slow rendering)


We have a layout with a Power BI report embedded as webpage. It works perfectly only the page takes some time to render (this is entirely the ‘fault’ of Power BI, this also happens on a PC). Is there anyway to show some other content while the page in rendering?


Currently it is not possible to Display other content while your Embedded Widget is rendering.

Many Thanks.


Hi RSFinance,

I’m also displaying reports from PowerBI, it is really slow and I increase the duration to 1h to reduce the count of renderings.

But I have an other question. Is your report behind a login? If so, how do you access the report by Xibo?


Thanks for the update!


I use this method: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-bi/service-publish-to-web

The report isn’t showing sensitive data so the lack of a real login (plus the url has an unique GUID) is for our case good enough.


As far as I know this is a feature only for the PowerBI cloud solution, not for an on premise installation.