Post Install Login: Unexpected Error, please contact support

I’ve just install Xibo 2.0.1 CMS on Apache/MySQL 5.7. The install had a few errors - I had to change the file:

Line 82: ->addColumn(‘title’, ‘string’, [‘limit’ => 100])
Line 285: ->addColumn(‘installName’, ‘string’, [‘default’ => null, ‘null’ => true, ‘limit’ => 254])
Line 656: ->addColumn(‘title’, ‘string’, [‘limit’ => 100])

After clearing the DB, resetting the files and making the modifications, the install worked. Now I get “Unexpected error, please contact support” on the login page, and can’t proceed past this point. I can’t find any errors logged anywhere.

Many thanks in advance.

I have the same problem… any solution?

do you have any solution for this problem?

Yes, I had donwload the version 1.8 and it works fine!!

Thanks for sharing this information. I downloaded the version 1.8 and it resolve my problem.

This will be fixed in 2.0.2 and you should be able to install/upgrade at that point. If you want to use 2.0.1 now it will install with MySQL 5.6.

Thank you for the info.

Dan, this problem ocurred in Mysql 5.6.43.