Possible bugs in Xibo 1.7.9

We are using XIBO 1.7.9 and have faced below 4 issues. Please confirm if these are known issues or my understanding is incorrect. If these are issue, are they corrected on next version ?

  1. Audit trail report shows epoch time instead of date\time

  2. “In progress” animated icon keeps rotating even after file is exported in Audit trail report

  3. “Help” button on Edit timeline page throws 404 error

  4. Log does not show any results if date filtered is applied.

  1. Could you show me a screenshot with this problem please?

  2. That seems to be a bug, it should close the form once the file is downloaded.

  3. Seems to work on our cloud hosting, could you tell us what’s the URL it tries to open please?

  4. That seems to be a some sort of a problem as well, we will look into it

  1. See screenshot below from Audit trail report