Possible bug with date format in collumn setting of dataset

CMS: 3.3.3

My json returns the format “2023-02-16” (yyyy-mm-dd) and I want to change it to “16.02.23” (dd.mm.yy).
I set the date format in the collumn settings to “d.m.y”, but the date is shown as “16.02.2023 00:00”

Maybe my settings are wrong, but in PHP that should be correct.

EDIT: In the dataset view it’s shown as 2023-02-16 00:00:00
I think I need to switch to formula

Hi and welcome to the Xibo Community.

The result is always a MYSQL date/time object. If you have JSON as 2023-02-16 then you would want that set to Y-m-d. If you wanted that formatted differently to display then use a String type column and populate that with a formuat to format the date how you want.

somehow it worked after a day now xD I set the value again to d.m.y

Thank you

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