Possible Bug: Group user unable to access campaign, templates page


I am using CMS 1.7.4 and when I login as a group user, I receive the following error for Campaigns & Layouts page.
“There has been an application error. You do not have permission to access this page.”

Not sure if it’s a bug but I have all pages access enabled under page security for the user’s group. I also tried changing layout ownership and enabling layout permissions for the user but still gets the above error.

Tested with CMS 1.7.3 & 1.7.4. Pls fix this asap if it’s a bug as Campaign is an important feature.


What about menu security? (also remember it has dropdown menu)
Permissions manual

Yes. Have that enabled for the user’s group. Pls test this at your end and post your findings.

Ok, so I’ve created a new userGroup and a new user added him to that new userGroup.
Assigned permissions, logged as this new user I can see/edit/add campaign/layouts and schedule them.
I am talking about CMS 1.7.4 of course.


Page Security:

  • Layouts
  • Schedule
  • Homepage and Login*

Menu Security

  • Layouts
  • Schedule


  • Layouts
  • Campaigns


  • Design
  • Schedule

To be able to add layouts to the campaign, you will also need to add permissions for specific layouts.
To be able to schedule your layout/campaign on specific display, you will need to add permissions to that specific display.

I am not sure if you missed something or is the problem somewhere else. I can tell you that it’s working on 1.7.4

Thank Peter, for reporting your findings.

I followed the same steps as you did i.e CREATED NEW usergp and then assigned the same security & permissions as you mentioned above and yes I was able to access the campaigns page and do the usual stuff in it.

Then I deleted that newly created usergroup and then moved the user back to the group “User” which exists with Xibo’s default installation, the problem re-occured.

So the problem is with the default group “Users” that pre-exists cause when I delete it and the re-create it giving the same name “Users” (thinking it had some sort of dislike for the word “Users”) , the problem did not occur.

Pls test with the group “Users” that comes with vanilla install of Xibo and kindly report if you detect the campaign/template access error.

BTW, thanks for testing and re-solving it to a conclusion.

It could be problem/bug with upgraded CMS.
The default ‘Users’ userGroup have some default permissions set.
To make it work with that userGroup you will need to reassign permissions to it - in this specific case especially permissions to layouts page - unassign and assign again and it will work.

It probably won’t be fixed in 1.7 series, because permissions are reworked in 1.8 - they are more user friendly and works better.