Position of new region not saved

hi all

when i add a new region, change and save its new position, the region falls back to the default position.

it is only happening with the user type “user”, the “super admin” can make this changes.

we have cms 1.7.5

thanks for any help

Does the “user” own the layout?

I suspect the new region is being created with permissions that do not allow the user to edit it, which means that save doesn’t work.

This will be greatly improved in 1.8 series so that new child items can inherit permissions from their parents.

the user doesn’t own the layout.
but if i copy the layout, so that he is the owner, the same problem appears.

when i create a new layout with the “user”, then it works.
but other users with (group-)permissions for the whole layout can’t.

only the owner and “super admins” can change and save the position of a region.
is there a fix for this?

The new region created is owned by the owner of the layout - that user or a super admin can adjust the region permissions and give the other user access.

The fix is an enhancement rather than a bug and is included in 1.8, where you can set permissions to automatically inherit allowing exactly the configuration you want.

Its in 1.8.0-alpha2 if you want to try it out.