Portrait mode video playback quality

I have created an animated video in portrait mode 1080x1920 I have set the display to portrait mode and viewed the playback using my DS Devices DSCS9. I am noticing pixelation of the video image compared to playback of the same file on my desktop. Something in the Android portrait mode is reducing the image quality. To test for possible causes I created the same video but this time as a landscape file 1920x1080 with the content rotated 90 degrees to allow for portrait playback in a rotated landscape monitor. The result was a perfect quality image. Both of the files I made exhibit no pixelation when played on my computer desktop but it seems that using the Xibo/DS Devices portrait mode reduces image quality. I have checked that my regions are the full pixel aspect so no scaling should be occurring. I’m happy to send images of the pixelation if helpful.



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Could you try changing the video mode, if you navigate to the Display settings profile and click on the Troubleshooting tab, untick “Use a surfaceview for video rendering”

Please do let us know if this solves your issue.

Many thanks

Thanks so much for your prompt and accurate reply. You have completely solved the problem! It makes a huge difference to the quality and has made my day!

Thank you.


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That’s great news :+1: