Poor performance in 'webpage' on 1.8.0-rc1

I really miss CEF right now…
Shouldn’t IE11 be able to render this feed ( http://gosignage.se/nyast/ )
without any laggy transitions etc, or am I wrong?

Minix z64 Win 10 Home 1.8.0-rc1

I have tried:

-changing the browser emulation key in regedit
-compability-meta-tag on the site

Any ideas?

I’m guessing from the way you’ve written the message that the performance is not acceptable? You can some bad transitioning between certain items? Or perhaps all items?

Have you tried accessing the page directly on your box with IE? Do you see the same issues?

I must have been drunk yesterday when i was testing. The feeds lags equally bad directly in IE, it has nothing to do with anything. It’s the page itself that is the problem, sorry for taking your time Dan… lol

All my posts on here has been rubber duck debugging or making a total fool of myself, haha im done

Happens to us all :beer:

The page is a heavyweight - it uses angular and a lot of CSS transitions (transitioning the entire page too), so it might be that you need more CPU than can be found in the Minix :worried:

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