PoE wall mount tablet suggestions

I am looking for a single unit, PoE powered android tablet that can run the Xibo client that can be mounted on the wall.

Has anyone found hardware that can do this? There are plenty of manufacturers out there, but they either never respond, require you buy 100’s, or have limited 4.1.x or higher support.

Hi, Steve, we have full range of POE commercial tablet made for POS terminals, from 7/9.7/12.1/14/15/15.6/18.5/21.5 inches, please let me know what’s your actual problem when sourcing POE tablet, if you need any reviews from reference buyers, please also let me know.

SIBO make few POE wall mount tablet, here some model hope you can like them



Any feedback could email me : robbin@sibochina.com.cn