Png image in dataset doesn't show on android client


I am running xibo 1.8.2 as CMS and displaying on android clients ver. 1.8 also
I want to display currency exchange rates thru a dataset using one column for country flags (png )
all displays right but the flags do not show.
I tried to find out a logic reason but in vain.
I created in the layout a region and display a flag image ( same I use in the dataset ) from media library. I was surprised to see that that flags that shows in the image region also starts showing in the datasetview.
Any explanation ?


Did you definitely include the image inside an img tag? I believe in a dataset view you need to build the HTML to actually display the image, where as in an Image widget, that is handled for you.


thank you alex, but it seems as if i did not draw the issue clearly, but anyway I found the answer here: Image from Dataset not appearing on Windows Player