Plug-in error - Missing decoder in Linux Player 1.8R4

Hi all,

I have a Ubuntu installation (v. 18.04.3 LTS) with latest updates.
I get an error that the GStreamer is missing a plug-in. It’s missing the decoder “Advanced Streaming Format (ASF) (video/x-ms-asf)”. I’ve installed the “ugly/bad” plug-ins but that has not helped.
Does the player support this format or is there something else I need to install before it will work?

Best regards Kim.

I’ve recorded this as an issue in the repository and will ask the dev team to investigate.

Do you have a sample stream we could use for testing?

GStreamer does have a plugin for the ASF format, but it is considered “ugly” which means we can’t include it in Xibo.

I will leave the issue open and if this changes we will include it.

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