Please change watchdog log file path

Hey guys,

In v1.8.1 Watchdog is trying to write log files to C:\Program Files (x86)\Xibo Player\Watchdog\x86\log.xml, but standard Windows users can’t write to that location. As a result, Watchdog can’t save it’s logs and keeps popping up a little error box in the lower right corner of the screen.

Administrator-level Windows accounts can write to that location and don’t show any errors, but running our signage PCs with full admin accounts isn’t really an option for us.

If watchdog could be changed to write to, say, C:\Users\UserAccountName\Documents\Xibo Library the same way it saves content, then standard users could write log files.

I was wondering if you could please change the location that the Watchdog saves log files to? Is there a way I can change this myself?

I haven’t tested this, but look in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Xibo Player\watchdog\x86\XiboClientWatchdog.exe.config

There is a value:

            <setting name="LogFileName" serializeAs="String">

Changing the log value there may do exactly what you want? If so, edit the file and distribute the updated one through Group Policy?


How are you starting the watchdog?

If you let the player start it, the player passes its library location which will be appended to the log file name you’ve shown there.

If that is ending up in the watchdogs installation folder, then however the watchdog is starting, isn’t being given the correct player library location.

You could manually set the “libraryLocation” in that same config file, to force it.

The watchdog was set to auto start as part of the installation of 1.8.1. I haven’t changed any settings on the clients at all. I wonder why my installs aren’t passing the library location to the watchdog?

Editing the file does allow Watchdog to write logs in the library location, but a new error pops up now saying watchdog can’t find a status file.

The players are all v1.8.1 installs on Windows 10 Pro, running on a standard user account. Is there something I need to configure yet?