Playlist with two layouts

Hello, I’m new in this forum and I do not speak English well I have this problem I have 10 videos that I want to display a full screen but I would intersperse videos with a different layout that displays a web page. Then a playlist with a video and a web page in sequence. I tried making two campaigns but I do not work …
thank you.

I think you will need:

  • 2 layouts, one with videos and the other with webpage
  • Create a campaign and add those two layouts to the campaign
  • Schedule the campaign to be displayed on your screen(s), without repeat, just the end date far into the future.

Just make sure your layouts have sane durations (videos can be set to 0, it will detect video duration automatically), so the playback will look as you want it to.

thanks for your answer, I was able to do what I wanted!:relaxed.:grin: