Playlist Random - (Add-on-Playlist)

To complement the Playlist feature even more, I realized that some software have a concept of Random playlist.


Create a playlist with corporate videos. I will include 10 videos in this playlist, but would look bad on schedule run 10 videos sequentially on the same topic, and then start the next content or playlist to the timeline.

This feature would be a Randon option in the Playlist, where we could inform q amount of content to display.

In this example, let the same playlist with 10 corporate videos, but we will mark the Randon option (1). Now the Timeline will run all content and when you get the Playlist of corporate videos, just ONE video random runs.

They got the idea? I saw that many advertising agencies use this model and therefore use Scala as a solution. I did not find another marketing tool that has this type of facility and resource.


This function is very important, will it be implemented?

I am quite confident that this functionality will be implemented, but it is dependant on the “Playlists” functionality being implemented first.

The playlists functionality is in the API of 1.8 series, but we haven’t developed a user interface for playlists yet.

This work would need to be completed before we could start work on this feature.

To make it clear the record function would be as follows:
The playlist - timeline within layout should have 3 options:
1 - full run (runs all video who are inside the playlist);
2 - run a regular (every time you run the playlist, runs one of the CONTENTS in a row);
3 - run 1 Random (same function 2 however is a draw between content).

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Number 2 would be difficult to implement because the CMS would have to remember which widget was played from each playlist for each display. Imagine that on a system with 1000s of displays?

I also have a concern about the support overhead of that option - once that is enabled it becomes almost impossible to diagnose problems with the way the layout is playing.

Number 3 is completely clear and I think you both agree on the functionality.

For number 2: Could the client be set to handle keeping track of what from a playlist has already played? Like a dataset, the client could mark each ad played from the layout until it reached the end, and then reset when the last one is marked as played.

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For number 2: I agree with cslautghter’s suggestion that this should be done on the client.

For number 3: In my opinion a random play order should be based on a shuffled list of elements. This way it would be ensured that the same elements would not be played back-to-back.

Like Scala, BroadSign uses a similar method called “Bundles” where you can add multiple versions of an ad and select their respective share and method of rotation. The random order is different between all clients.

Has there been any progress on this? especially number 2?

We are using the display on the educational side. We have a slide made for each member of our faculty. However, we do not want to play all of them since we have a lot of faculty. So this function would be good. We can display ie. 2 faculty at a time, then onto the next 2 on the next run and so on.


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