Playlist library not working

I am all new with Xibo and just signed up for a free evaluation.

When I create a new Playlist, it doesn’t show up in the library. When I try to create a Playlist with the same name as one I already created, it gives an error, that I cannot make a playlist with the same name as I have already used.

What’s the problem, and is there a work-around?

Hi harteg, welcome to the community!

Could you make sure that you have the All Folders option selected so you can see all created playlists?

I would also recommend checking that all of the search filters are clear in case this is the reason you cannot see the playlists you have created.

You mentioned in your message you have signed up for a free evaluation. if this is a free trial on the Xibo cloud, please open a ticket in the helpdesk and confirm the URL of your cloud trial so we can take a look for you.

Many Thanks.

Hi DanBW

Thanks for the answer. Strangely when I logged into today, I could see all the playlist, I have created. Seems like a night’s sleep did the trick.

Another thing which just saved my day: On my ThinkPad ALT+F4 turns off the microphone and doesnt close the Xibo client. To close client, one can hit ALT + TAB to bring up a view of all active apps (on Windows 11), and then close both the client and watchdog.

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Excellent, glad to hear the issue is resolved. Thanks also for the tip about Windows 11, I haven’t tested on W11 yet so that’s good to know.

Many Thanks.

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