Playlist doesn't loop

I’ve got 6 displays running on R300 for Android on Amazon FireTV sticks. All are scheduled the same and using the same layout with the same playlist included in the layout. The total playlist time is 1min 56 sec. 5 of the displays are working exactly as expected. The 6th display will only play through the playlist and just stops on the last slide and won’t look back to the beginning. There is a scrolling RSS feed and clock elsewhere on the layout, both of which keep working and scrolling so the player isn’t frozen completely. If I close the Xibo player, clear the app cache and launch the player, the same thing happens. It plays through the playlist and stops on the last slide. The playlist is only made up of static images displaying for 5-10 each.

Any thoughts?

I was able to solve the problem. For some reason, even though all the other displays had upgraded to v3 long ago, that display had not and was still on v2. I’m still not sure why it wouldn’t loop, but after installing v3 of the player the problem was fixed and the playlist loops and displays exactly like the other units.

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