Playlist Causing Layout Issues

I am using a DSCS9 with Android 3-309. This device is used in our lobby and has two different layouts scheduled.

Layout 1 - BN-Lobby-Floor-Closed
Dayparting - always
Display Order - 0
Priority - 1
Max Plays Per Hour - 0
-This layout contains a background image, a clock widget, and an embedded iframe widget, and is NOT the one with the loading issue.

Layout 2 - BN-Lobby-Floor-Open
Dayparting - Benton Hours (Start Time - 09:00:00 - End Time - 17:00:00)
Display Order - 0
Priority - 2
Max Plays Per Hour - 0
-This layout contains a background image, a clock widget, an embedded iframe widget, as well as two sub-playlist widgets.
-Each sub-playlist widget on this layout either displays a transparent png or a promo graphic tagged specifically for that widget. At most, only 2 png’s are being used per sub-playlist widget.

With all that being said, here is the issue… At 9:00am when the signage goes from Layout 1 to Layout 2, only the iframe and clock widgets appear. The background doesn’t load, remaining black, and the sub-playlist widgets don’t load. When I deleted the two sub-playlist widgets everything loads fine.

I’m not sure where the issue is with the sub-playlist widgets. I have a layout on another device that uses 6 similar sub-playlist widgets and it loads fine every morning however it is NOT setup on any dayparting schedule.

Any guidance would be appreciated!

Hi nadams. Please can you open a ticket on the help desk for further support with this issue. Please log into the portal account that purchased your DSCS9 and make sure to include the following in your ticket:

  • A screenshot of the status logs from your display.
  • Attach copies of the layouts to your ticket so the member of support can test them.
  • Screenshots showing how the layout appears on your DSCS9.

Many Thanks.

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