Playing local video

How are local videos used by xibo? Do they just play without the requirements for a layout?
Currently im using layouts for all my screens. The issue im having is keeping on top of updates the design team make with videos. Is there a way to simply have the videos transferred to the system via ftp, into a xibo library and just play without anything being created server side? If so, what order does xibo play these (alphabetically?)
If not, what are other people doing with regards to daily changes across a range of screens using layouts and keeping media on the screens up to date.

Many thanks.

Local video tells the Player to play a video from it’s local storage.

So yes, you could in theory have a layout that pointed to C:\video\myvideo.mp4, and then just update that file as needed, but you’d need to do that on every Player that used that video.

If you’re just replacing a video like for like in all layouts, the easiest way is to go to the Library, edit your old video, click replace, and ensure both the tick box to delete the old version, and to update it in all layouts is set.

Then all layouts that use that video will be updated in one step.