Playing 8K video failed

Player Version

Xibo Windows 10 player Version R256.7

CMS Version 2.3.1


didn’t play 8k video (the video plays locally using windows media player), i already installed k-lite code pack
video info: 7680 x 4320, 30fps VP9

#error message:
VideoMediaElement_MediaFailed: 1866 Media Failed. E = Exception from HRESULT: 0xC00D10BD

Media 223, video failed: Open not called after 4 seconds, ttl: 120
(media 223 is the 8k video file)


Well, according the MS KB…


Windows Media Player cannot play the video because there is a problem with your video card.

Doublecheck drivers? Does the display Xibo has the correct resolution?

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Thanks for your suggestion. I think windows should have the correct driver as Windows Media Player plays the video files without any issue but Xibo didn’t.

Yes, Xibo has the correct resolution. I’m able to display content across the long displays but 8K video just didn’t show up.

Could you try the Microsoft add-on that is available in the store…

Using K-lite codec pack isn’t officially supported by Xibo support. If it works, it works, no guarantee it will also work with Xibo updates…

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