Players not update the version

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CMS Version


Player Type

Android Philps SOC 5.0.1 and Android players 10

Player Version

all versions from 2.3 to 3.0


I try to update from CMS the version for all and I have no succes. I’ve try many times.

They must be rooted, if not they won’t update the version

+1 of @pitoco02 answer.

Without Root, android won’t update automatically.

It’s rooted products. And profesionala from Philips.

Hi hypnomedia. Unfortunately an issue was discovered with upgrading Philips displays using the CMS. This issue was fixed in the R217 and R301 player releases (you can see it listed in the patch notes on the blog release post).

This means you will need to update your players locally to one of these versions or newer. After this you will find you can upgrade using your CMS in the future. Please note that downgrading to a player version prior to R217/R301 will reintroduce the issue so this should be avoided.

Many Thanks.

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