Player won't load content on device startup

Dear Developers,

I have been testing Xibo for Android for a while now and was all set to deploy at one client’s F&B outlet for which I configured 6 devices (Minix Neo X5).

I am stuck with 2 issues and would appreciate if some one could help me out…

  1. Issue 1 : I have set all layouts and assigned them to respective devices, connected to wifi and the content was downloaded. Next, I turned OFF wifi and restarted the Xibo app. Content broadcast works fine. The issue is, when I restart the devices (wifi is still turned OFF as content is already downloaded) content doesn’t play. I see only the default layout. If I connect the device to an internet network, content starts broadcasting.
  2. Issue 2 : I start Xibo for Android app on my devices when they are connected to internet and click on “Connect to CMS”, even with correct address it always says “Unable to Connect to that CMS Address”. When I click on “Connect to CMS” again, it connects successfully. This happens every single time, I don’t change the address or restart the app or restart wifi on my device, and this happens on all devices.

App : Xibo for Android
Version : 1.7
All devices are licenced

Am I missing anything?

I would really appreciate if anyone could help me out as our client is waiting for delivery of devices.


I would highly suggest going to wired connections if possible. Wireless connections from my experience just do not work well for this application. This might solve most, if not all, of your problems

Second, why are you disconnecting from the wireless and restarting? Are you trying to save bandwidth? If so, are you using a cellular internet connection?

Hi Cslaughter,

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Our client requires an internet connection over wifi and the issue persists even on LAN. So, I assume, this is not about internet connection. Because every single time I click on “Connect to CMS” for the second time, it connects!

Any clue??

Well if you are sure your client side internet connection is stable, I would then examine the server side. Possibly a firewall issue. It is very strange that it connects manually the second time you tell it to connect.

I would also try running a speed test on the clients to see what speeds you are getting, and checking for lost packets. If you can’t pull at least 1MB down and 128KB up then you might run into some troubles. If you are getting lost packets, you will have lots of trouble getting things to work as expected.

What revision of 1.7 are you using? Are you using https connections?

Issue 1:
I found out that the devices that I received from our vendor didn’t have batteries in them. As the time and date reset every time I unplugged the device the content didn’t play. I plugged in batteries, time and date are maintained now and the problem is solved.

For issue 2:
no luck yet…


Sounds like maybe something is wrong with the DNS settings, or the local DNS server/router. If the CMS is not on the same network as the clients, you may try changing the DNS on Android to use a internal static IP and then use Google’s public DNS of Or if you have a static ip on the CMS, hopefully you do, you could try replacing the domain with the CMS IP, within the client configuration.

Additionally the battery issue could be causing Android to hold on to some settings (encryption things) that are messed up. Try to remove the wireless connection from Android and then reconnect it.

What happens when you run a speed test? Do you get a really high ping time? Is the through put really low?

So if at any point the Player can’t connect to the CMS it will simply try again.

I’ve never seen the issue you report where the Player gives an error every time you try and manually click on connect to CMS, but assuming it does eventually succeed then that shouldn’t prevent the system working in the field.

I’ve just tried it here and I can’t recreate it so it will be something to do with DNS or poor connection to the CMS which the Player should be able to cope with in normal operation.

I moved the CMS to other server and the problem is gone now. I am not a pro in servers and networking but it seems there was an issue with the configurations on the server.

I have not tried speedtest but other websites open quickly and I was also able to install apps from Play Store very quickly. So, internet was not the issue, I guess.

Great. So I’m glad both your issues are solved. I’ll close the thread.