Player won’t connect to dashboard

We have 2 separate machines that are not connecting to the server even though they have internet connections? They were fine but suddenly not showing up in displays??

Please could someone help asap….

If I remove the S here it connects but the playlist doesn’t play???

Anybody else had this?

Due to the deprecation of TLS 1.0/1.1 you need to ensure that your players are updated to at least 1.8.14 or R201.
If you are using a white label player, please download a newer version of the player from your Xibo customer portal account.

Thank you

OK, I think I see. We updated the system but we are using a white label, so we nee to update the actual player on the remote machine too?

Yes that’s correct :+1:

Hey Natasha,

We created a new instance which connects ok but is still showing the splash screen/screensaver but not playing the playlist……

Please could someone look into this……?

Xibo in the Cloud customers get free helpdesk support included so please do open a ticket here. One of our agents will be on the lookout for your ticket :+1: