Player unable to play after upgrade to v2.2

Hello my player not playing anything. It stuck on the splash screen after upgrading to v2.2.
My setup is:

  • Ubuntu 18.04 in AWS
  • AWS RDS for Database
  • Port 80 and 443 open in firewall

This is clean install with fresh database. running the latest player. My player is registering with CMS and show and downloading content just not playing. Am i missing anything?

Xmr needs port TCP/9505 incoming on the server open. Try opening that port and see what happens.

Thank you i did open the port and it now playing. But i have concern of opening TCP port with incoming traffic. Can you say what exactly is coming through this port so i can configure the web application firewall to only only accept traffic from this port. From i open this port i notice lots of session in CMS that i don’t know. I had to white list the IP address in my firewall.

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