Player stuck on splash screen


I have a problem with my Xibo installation.
It’s a docker installation on version 2.3.14 with player version 2.258.1 on Windows.

I get this error no mather if I schedule some content or just want to show a default layout.

Have you tried to clear the cached files on the player? I’ve had similar issue where it just sticks and sometimes clearing the library files can help.

Yes. The same problem on a new player installation

Can you confirm that the layout is valid in the CMS? The error message would suggest that it is not, and if that is the only layout assigned to the player, it would mean it then has nothing to display.

How have you configured the displays, do they have a default layout that will display when nothing is scheduled?

1085 is the specific id of the layout in the CMS = 1085.xlf

If that layout is valid - determined by a checkmark in the CMS, then I’ve found that sometimes the display can be “kicked” by assigning a layout via the context menu for the display.

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