Player not showing regions

I have created a new layout with a few regions and content in them from various sources. The layout has a background image. When I Preview Layout it shows correctly. My issue I am having is that when I open the player I only have the background image showing. None of my regions are overlapping and they are all various sizes. Only constant is they are lined up from left and top the same distance. Not sure what I need to do to get the regions to show on the player. I did have it working and modified background image then stopped. I have tried to create a new layout with the same issue.

What CMS and player versions are you using please?

I assume you’re using Windows player, is the background image in .jpg format? It needs to be, otherwise player will not show it correctly.

I am using 1.7.9 and Windows player. Files are jpg format.

I even have removed the background and nothing shows when I run the player.

I figured it out by removing the background and looking at all the regions. There was a blank region behind one. I moved them all to make sure I was not missing anything and there was a blank region on the screen. Is that a normal thing? If there is a region with nothing on it to take out all regions?

I’d expect 1.7.9 player to mark that layout as invalid if there was an empty region on it, the layout itself should also have X status in CMS (because of that empty region), in any case I’m glad that you were able to fix that.