Player not connected


we use xibo 1.8 with 6 players DSCS9 Android xibo 1.8 revision R108
we have a recurring problem: players appear as not connected to the CMS. At first, it seems that XMR continued to work since we were able to do a screanshot. One of the players only logged in once a day at 12pm.
Now it seems that 2 players are crasched because no screenshots are working.
The other players work correctly.

As we are not close to the players, we followed the procedure:

But no log appears with the NotifyStatus page and the selected screens.
This is the second time this has happened and we had to physically restart the players. It wasn’t the same ones that were down. We don’t know if it’s the apk that has a problem or if it’s the OS.

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finally after a hard reboot, the 2 players are working again.

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Glad to hear that restarting the devices has resolved the issue. If the issue reoccurs, please do post to let us know.

Many Thanks.