Player not able to be connected on the CMS


I went to restore from crash my XIBO CMS V1.7.8 and my player can not be connected on it.
I’have this error :
The request failed with the error message:

301 Moved Permanently

Moved Permanently
The document has moved a href=“” here

I checked the web directory on my server and the file xmds.php is existing in the xibo directory.

I tried the version 1.8.2 and I’ve the similar error message on other file.

My site is hosted on ISP and I don’t have right on it except put file and admin of MySQL database.

What did I miss ? What I have to check with the ISP hosting’s administrator.

Can you access the CMS itself with the same URL as the on you provide in the player’s options?

1.8 series will require more modifications(DocumentRoot and URL rewriting), but 1.7 series should be ok, especially if it was working before, unless of course something has changed without your knowledge.

Hi peter

Thanks for your prompt answer. So I’m going to stay with the Version 1.7.8
Yes I can access to the URL from the virtual host with Win7 where I installed the player.
The URL is giving the login page of the XIBO CMS

The strange thing I went to change of network as I’m at ho. The player is connected and working

Is it the root cause? What are the TCP Port I have to check ?


in 1.7 series, at least by default that’s only 80 (http) and 443 (https) with 1.8 there is also port on which XMR runs, but in 1.7 it’s only those two that playwe may use.

Hi Peter,
Sorry for the delay, I fixed some part but I’m stilling blocked.
The fact is I’m connecting 2 players through a university wifi hotspot network.

The network service doesn’t want to a give an login on the hospsot for any host without owner of this login. That’s raising up the difficulty. When I entered my own login everything is working well.

As the hotspot is blocking the DNS, I would like to know if it’s possible to bypass with a specific TCP/UDP way.

Could explain what’s the XMR ?
Do you think the XMR using could ginve an issue?