Player is downloading 1 files too many times

Hi guys,
i get once a while the following message from the CMS,
"Player xx is downloading 1 files too many times"
Any ideas what this issue is?

The CMS keeps track of how many times a given player attempts to download a file.

If it sees the same Player try to download the same file many times, it will trigger that alert.

The cause is likely either a very poor network connection between CMS and Player, or it can be caused by storage errors or similar on the Player side.

Hi Alex,
i suppose we are talking about hard drive errors correct?

Storage errors could be with a hard disk or any other storage medium - basically where the library is stored on the device in question.

It is far more likely to be network conditions meaning that the file was not successfully downloaded in 1 attempt. As its only 1 file I wouldn’t worry too much, provided it does not repeat every day.

Thanks Dan :slight_smile:This helps very much.

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Hi guys,
i am having way too many of these!
What makes me wonder is,
how come application is starting to download a file too many times if file has been in used in the same player for ages?

I have a layout in the player which has been over 6 months and player suddenly starts to download the files of this layout too many times!
Please notice,
this is not just one player, i have way too many players and this is happening way too many times.
Most importantly, the players are not even the same they are all different devices which means, it simply cannot be a hard drive error or such. I have the same problem in both Windows and Android :frowning: