Player Hardware - Windows vs Android

I’m trying to come up with a list of candidate hardware used for display computers. So far I have come up with two Windows devices; Intel Compute Stick, and Dell Inspiron Micro Desktop. These should be simple to provide physical security for, and we will be able to easily manage them through the regular channels (SCCM, Group Policy, etc.)

However I would like to understand what the benefits of Android devices would be… what do you run? From what I can see, the only benefit at this point is transitions and looping support. Are there others?

Very impressed with Xibo so far!

Short answer,

Low cost of devices that are stable, Spring Signage Support, layouts with overlays.

We have been running roughly 25 Riko Magic 902II 16GB units for about a time period ranging from 4-12 months and have had almost zero problems. So far the problems we have had are power issues relating to low power, which causes the units to freeze. Once put on a low cost battery backup, we never touch them again. They run us $95, plus the license from Spring Signage. 4 Cores 1.8GHz (I think) 2GB ram, supports 4K, bluetooth, 5G wifi, list goes on.