Player does not play schedules when the date is wrong

Player does not play schedules when the date is wrong.

If the player is no internet and has no battery for update the date, scheduled videos are not displayed.

When this occurs, only the default layout is displayed.

This form of operation limits the functioning of players making we have to create more complex and time-consuming solutions to be able to always display videos, even without internet.

One is to create a layout for each player and set as primary. But this is very time consuming, and when we have to add new videos need to update in all layous one by one. surely this is not interesting

How about fix this, enabling schedules keep running even without internet.

In this case it can use as a basis the last valid date of the device and this feature can be optional and can the administrator chooses to use it or not.

What about?

Sorry but this is not possible - the Player wouldn’t have any way to determine whether the date/time was incorrect and it should continue with an old schedule, or whether the date/time is correct and it should validly show the default.

One solution would be:

  • If the player has internet, it continuously saves the date / time current every 5 minutes “for example.”

  • When the player detects that it is no internet, it will compare the last date saved “when he was with the internet” with the current date.
    If the current date is earlier than the latest date saved, sifnifica he started without internet and the player is using the default start date.

  • Then it will use the last date saved “when he had Internet” to set the schedule.

Sorry, but I think you are trying to solve the wrong problem - if the internet reliability is an issue you need to get a device with a RTC.

Even if we had some logic to persist the last known good date/time, licensing wouldn’t ever use that mechanism (because it could be easily circumvented)

I understand your place, but it would be interesting to anticipate and prepare for the various problems that may arise to the user, making the most of funcionamnto system in different situations?

I believe that what can be done so that the campaigns running without interruption is valid.

We can leave this feature request here for consideration by the whole team then.

As a side note - if you are running a rooted device you can use the CMS time (assuming you have a network connection of course). This is useful when the device is behind a proxy and cannot get access to a time server.

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Tanks :slight_smile:

Hey Dan,
You have goods news about this request on version 1.8.0 ? :smiley:

Unfortunately not - you are the only person who has reported / shown an interest in this issue :worried:

I think that this would be better addressed by a separate application that sets the system clock in these cases (although I still think that this will be highly inaccurate!)

You need to solve the problem at the OS level. Simply run a script in the cron that saves the date to a file every 1 or 5 minutes, then on boot (or during cron), read out that file and if the current time is too far in the past, simply set the last saved date. Depending on your environment you’ll still have inaccuracies but they would be severely limited.

Otherwise get a device with an RTC or GPS or radio clock or add one to the network (eg. if your WiFi router has an RTC, you can use that). If you need to retrofit something, feel free to contact me, I am an electronics developer.

It’s not proper for a program like Xibo to run on a different time than the OS. There is already a feature for Xibo on a rooted device to set the time on the player based on CMS time.

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The Dayparting feature worked for me.

Thank you.

Guru_Evi summed things up perfectly - thanks :thumbsup:

I’m not sure how dayparting has helped you, but if you have things working, then great. :slight_smile:

Well, for me the important thing is not the date when the campaigns will start or end. This I do manually.

The important thing for me is that everything works always, regardless of having internet or not.

Dayparting makes the videos play even if there is no connection.

A doubt. If you get too many days offline for example a week or more, can the videos stop and the grid switch to the default layout?

I’m asking, because I think I’ve read something about the player saving the schedules for only 2 days without interenet, I do not know if this was related to dayparting.

This is incorrect - dayparting has not changed anything with regards to how the player caches its content and schedule. It always did play offline.

The required files look ahead period can be adjusted in CMS settings - it defaults to 2 days as you indicate.

If your player date/time is wrong, the schedules will not play. Nothing has changed in this regard.

So I understood everything wrong.

01 - Come on then: If I want a layout to be displayed every day, regardless of the date of the player and the internet connection, even if there are days with no connection. How do I proceed to ensure that layouts continue to be displayed.

02 - I did not find ans configurations the option where I can increase the two days that you suggested.

You schedule your Layout “always”

Let me be 100% clear so that there is no confusion :slight_smile: If the date/time on your device is wrong, scheduling an event with a date/time will not work. That is true for all options on the scheduling form, except “always” and true for the schedule now form

CMS → Settings → General:

Okay. Thanks for the clarification when at Dayparting.

With regard to the field “Send files in advance” what exactly is the function of this option?

It determines how far in advance the players receive their content for offline cache - let us imagine that you have scheduling for the next 6 days.

  • Content for days 3 and 4 will be downloaded on Day 1
  • Content for days 4 and 5 will be downloaded on Day 2
  • Content for days 5 and 6 will be downloaded on Day 3

The schedule will also be downloaded and cached

Got it.

But if it already has the media downloaded, and, restarted, and after the reboot is with the wrong date, it will indefinitely run the campaigns defined as “aways” right?

For in my tests, after downloading the campaigns, I disconnected from the internet, I rebooted the player, after the reboot it was with the date of 2011. and the campaigns ran normally.

Correct - “always” means always.

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