Player displays green screen needs reboot

I have two devices now, both running v 1.8-104. On separate occasions, both TV units were showing a completely green screen. I had to reboot the android DSDevice.

Maybe these devices need some sleep time. That said, I am unable to locate commands that I can use to schedule periodic reboot cycles for these android units if they cannot stay awake for the duration. I am using the Xibo Digital Signage interface.

The Xibo server is locally hosted.

I would first recommend upgrading your Android Players to the latest version, which is 1.8 R108. Many bugs have been fixed since 1.8 R104 and you may find this resolves the issue.

I am also using a DSDevice (DSCS9) and can recommend the following Command to reboot the Player.:

am start -a android.intent.action.ACTION_REQUEST_REBOOT
setprop sys.powerctl reboot

If you have any issues with the Command, please confirm the model you are using and confirm the steps you have taken setting up and scheduling the Command.

Many Thanks.

I will be sure to push the R108 update through to those two devices first and see how things go before I do the others.
Thank you.