Planning an event for first or last day in month/week

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Planning an event for first or last day in month/week.
Need the ability to plan and event for the first and/or last e.g. Wednesday each month. That goes for weeks to.

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We need to info our users about upcoming IT-maintenance. This comes on the first Wednesday each month, with no end date. But we can’t do this, as the only way to make the schedule is to repeat the event every 4 week. But the problem here, is that every now and then, there is 5 weeks between the dates. For instance there is 5 weeks between Wednesday the 3rd of Oktober and Wednesday the 7th of November, but only 4 week between Wednesday the 7th of November and Wednesday the 5th of December.

Because of this, we have to do it manually each month or when the event is created - not good.
So it would be extremely appreciated, if it would come in a future release.

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